V S 2 :   D A R K R O O M   P H O T O G R A P H Y

VS2: Darkroom Photo Syllabus - Spring 2016

VS2: Class Schedule - Spring 2016

VS2: Darkroom - Equipment List


Basic Camera; including Light & Vision, the Camera and the Eye, Film and the Photographic Process,
the Camera, Loading & Rewnding, the Shutter, the Lens, Light Meters, Exposure

Basic Exposure; Reading an Exposure Meter, Exposure Technique, Exposure Aesthetics, Exposure Adjustment,
Movement and Depth of Field - Shooting Assignment, Darks and Lights - Shooting Assignment

Framing & Composition; Closeness/ Proximity, Angle of View/ Attitude, Luminance/ Dramatic Lighting, Corners & Edges of the Frame

Refining Your Shooting; Framing & Composition, Identification, Multiplicity, Content in Context, Cropping/ Lazy Eye,
Contact Sheet Syndrome, Content Bleed, Personal Vision, Photo Clichés, Photo Hunting, Self-Evaluation,
Advanced Technical Points: Depth of Field, Contrast, Shadow Detail

Basic Aesthetics; Image Reversal, Information and Communication, Responsibility, Basic Visual Toolkit, Shooting, Image Evaluation,
The Function of Discipline, Imagemaking - the Four P's, Evaluation, Stages of Development

Basic Assignments; Mystery and Light, Movement and Depth of Field, Darks and Lights

Intuitive vs. Directed Shooting; Intuitive Shooting, Self-Awareness & Organization, Directed Shooting, Content Bleed,
Balanced Shooting, Photo Journ, Motivation, Discipline

Passive vs. Active Shooting

Visual Movement through Multiplicity


Basic Film; Film and the Photographic Process, the Evolution of Film, Modern Film, Choosing Film,
Film: Speed Grain & Contrast, Developing Film, Negatives: Exposure & Evaluation

Developmer Mix Chart; for Sprint 'Standard' Film Developer [sign]

Film Development Times; for Sprint 'Standard' Film Developer [sign]

Proper Film Fixing Procedure; saving and replacing Film Fixer


Basic Printing; Priting Papers: Construction, Grades, Surfaces, Tonalities, Printing Chemicals, Contact Sheets,
Test Strips, Enlargement Printing, Print Finishing, Print Washing, Prints: Exposure & Evaluation,
Fiber Base Paper - Archival Processing, Contrast Filters, Printing Sizes and Alignment

Omega Enlarger Setup; lens selection, condenser position, bellows position, carriage movement, focus adjustment,
contrast filter placement, and Gralab timer operation

Printing Protocol; step by step protocol of printing in the Tyler Darkroom

Print Target; set up easel, make a black target sheet, draw the target, use the target, make more targets, larger print targets

Printing with Filters; theory, process [sign]

Critique Decorum


Advanced Film; alternative films, edwal developers and normal development, expansion and compression,
alternative exposure and development techniques ('pushing' and 'pulling'),
infra-red film, orthochromatic film, reduction, chemical recipes, intensification

Push/ Pull Film Processing [sign]

Massive Film Developing Chart; more specific info for pushing and pulling film

Available B&W Films

Advanced Printing; Buring & Dodging, Split Filtration, Flashing & Mooning, Push & Pull Printing, Multiple Prints
fiber base printing paper, selected fiber base papers, fiber paper processing times, paper developing,
fixing fiber based paper, fiber base paper - archival processing,

Split Filtration; theory, process [sign]

FOMA Paper Types; chart of paper types, color of base and surface texture


Advanced Toning; toners, silver conversion toners, sepia toner ,tonality, printing adjustment, bleaching, rinsing, toning, washing, toner capacity, practical bleach use,
alternate bleach use, keeping track, selenium toning, toning variations: full sepia toning, split toning, pre-sulfiding, pre-developing,
reverse sepia toning, triple band toning, gould’s technique, bleaching back, selenium combinations; toning tips, selective toning, bleaching

Sepia Toning; by Tim Rudman

Toner Recipes; vario-sepia, selenium, feri or bromi bleach, sepia bleach, redevelopers, farmer's reducer

Lith Toning; recipe, chemistry, process

Copper/Red Toner; exposure, mixing instructions, basic use, processing notes, redevelopment & retoning,
tone reversal, post-toning baths, multi-toner toning

Blue Toner; overview, printing adjustment, mixing, processing, final washing & drying, post toning clearing baths,
post-toning fixing, intensification, multiple toning, clean-up

Liam Lawlwess' article on Blue Toning; tips & tricks for blue toning, how toning works, toning procedure, staining,
washing, image stability, straight blue tones and iron-sabatier, untoning, luminous tones, brown and red tones,
extended clearing, bill rowlinson's method, split toning with zinc chloride, split toning with sepia,
(b) blue-brown, compression toning, a note from tony mclean



Lith Printing; theory, process, materials

Double Exposure; examples of various techniques for multiple exposure printing

Digital Negatives for Silver Printing; workflow, scan the B&W negative, build a new Photoshop image file,
include a stepwedge, flip the picture, invert the tonality, apply an adjustment curve, print the picture,
printer settings for digital negatives, apply adjustment layers to other photographs

Test Print: step-wedge50.tif

Pinhole Cameras


Scanning (Epson 700/ 750/ 850); Setup, Scanning, Saving, Straighten, Realign, Adjust Density, Correct Printing, Correct Dark Edges, Retouching

Web Picture Preparation for Darkroom Prints; Create a Personal Folder, Scan the Print,
Straighten the Print Crop to Include Borders and White Space, Tone Correct the Print,
Save for Web – Twice, File Naming Conventions, Upload Files to OWLbox

Accessing OWLbox

Scanning Film with DigitaLIZA Scanning Mask; Load the Film into the Scanning Mask, Prepare the Scanner, Start the Software,
Set the Scanning Options for Film Negatives, Make the Scan, Shutting Down

Borrowing Web Pix


Matting Handbook for Darkroom Photo; Mat Board Proportions, Image Positioning, Materials for Matting (shopping list),
Cutting Large Boards Down, Centering the Mat Window, Cutting the Mat, Assembling the Mat, and Image Information

Matting Video; Centering, Cutting, Finishing [21:20]

Digital Portfolio; Saving Photos to Folders, Resizing to 1920 Square, Burning to DVD, Artist's Statement, Slide Listing
Digital Portfolio with Photoshop Actions; Create an Action, organize the photos in Bridge, send the photos from Bridge to Photoshop, Run the Image Processor

Self Evaluation; How to evaluate your work based on the Three Disciplines  
Cycle of Creativity; lecture slides for the Three Disciplines    Cycle of Creativity; 1 page overview of the Three Disciplines

Slide Processing; including a list of processing houses


MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets
detailing the health hazards of all chemicals used in the Lab

















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